Edington Chapel supports a number of different missionary organisations.

Please click on the links below to find out more information: 

The Christian Television Association www.cta.uk.com

Somerset Gospel Outreach chris-gadd

Ariel Ministries www.ariel.org

The Open Air Mission www.oamission.com

The Messianic Testimony www.messianictestimony.com

The Soldiers and Airmen's Scripture Army Reading Association www.sasra.org.uk

The Slavic Gospel Association www.sga.org.uk

Creation Ministries www.creation.com

London City Mission www.lcm.org.uk

United Beach Mission http://www.ubm.org.uk/

New Tribes Mission http://uk.ntm.org/

Reach Across http://uk.reachacross.net/

Bible Centred Ministry http://www.bcm.org.uk/

Echoes International  https://www.echoesinternational.org.uk

Canal Ministries http://www.boaterschristianfellowship.org.uk/

Christian Witness to Israel http://www.cwi.org.uk/

OMF International http://omf.org/uk/

Frontiers https://www.frontiers.org.uk/

Mission Aviation Fellowship https://www.maf-uk.org/

Counties http://www.countiesuk.org/

eikonbibleart www.eikonbibleart.com